Ten Products Google Should Develop

Interesting list:

1) Google TV
2) Google Recommender
3) Google BarCode
4) Google Genetics
5) Google Storage
6) Google CrimeBuster
7) Google Pen
8) Google Billboards
9) Google Sing & Draw Search
10) Google Travel

Which are most likely, do you think?

  1. DarrenCDarrenC06-06-2006

    I can see a Google Travel around the corner. Yahoo has made big steps into the travel industry, and I am sure Google will see the potential market that they would be tapping into.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo06-06-2006

    Yes – lucrative area, eh.

    I’m really interested in the tv-on-demand angle. Someone is going to get that right.
    Will it be Google?

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