Google Now Checking 200+ Signals To Determine Ranking?

SEOMoz reports:

“On May 10, SearchEngineWatch revealed (in Slide 17) that Google claims to be using 200+ “signals” to determine search results rankings.″

Heh. Perhaps that was a typo. Or perhaps Google are now checking for things like wing of bat, ounce of goats intestine and roasted chicken feet?
Anyways, what are the supposed 100 indicators of “quality”? I can think of…well…not 100 anyway.

Berkley provides students with the following guidelines for evaluating the trustworthiness of web pages. There may, or may not, be something in that….

  1. bilgibilgi03-14-2007

    when i saw the title of the blog post , i have expected to learn them or learn some of them 😀 .

    The link contains known thinks but on the other side information on the link was nice 🙂


  2. web junkieweb junkie03-30-2007

    I’ve posted a list of 201 potential variables for assessing page rankings in SERPS here: Thought you might be interested in my list.
    There are several variables that I’ve included that I haven’t seen much discussion of online.
    (trackback didn’t seem to work, so I’m doing it manually)

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