Launch Blog Search

Press release time.

It sez here:

OAKLAND, Calif. – June 1, 2006 – today introduced Blog & Feed Search, a new service designed specifically for searching posts, feeds and news published to the “blogosphere.” Uniquely leveraging search technology and subscription data from Bloglines, the world’s leading feed reader, new Ask Blog & Feed Search delivers superior relevance and richer tools than can be found elsewhere.”


Upon inspection, it looks….pretty good, I think. Nice clean interface, some helpful suggestions, fast response. Similar to other major blog and feed search offerings.

In regards to sorting methodology:

“instead of crawling, Ask Blog & Feed Search harnesses the subscription data of ….Bloglines to create our search index….On the blogosphere, people provide the best way to discover the freshest, highest-quality feeds — information that isn’t exposed to crawlers….In addition, this ‘collective human intelligence’ provides a natural defense against spam, as people typically do not subscribe to low-quality content”.

Hmmm…interesting, but not entirely spam proof. Is Bloglines fake-account proof?

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