What We Learn From Eye Tracking

I love this eyetracking/visual heatmap stuff. One of the best web design “tools” out there.

Here’s a really interesting video measuring eye-tracking patterns on Seth Godin’s Squidoo. Note that the eye-patterns virtually ignore the Google Adsense positioning. Squidoo integrates Adsense very poorly, if the aim is to generate revenue.

“I think websurfing is a hunting activity. The eye is looking for anamolies, for things that don’t belong. (That might be why the word anomaly, spelled wrong in the previous sentence, got your focus). Once our peripheral vision confirms that something is familiar, we can ignore it and just worry about the new stuff.”

Seth also hits on an aspect that good internet marketers understand: “bad” design can be good, in that bad design demands attention. Where there is attention, there is money.

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