NoFollow A Failure

We said it wouldn’t work, but since when does anyone listen to search marketers?

Good summary by Nick Wilson at Performancing:

Jeremy, a top bod in Yahoo! Search, who also supported this ludicrous idea, points to this post that lays the blame solidly at Google’s door. Im pretty sure I said so at the time, but if not, let me repeat my thoughts here: NoFollow was a “this will shut them up”, ill thought out, knee-jerk bandaid hurredly implemented to get bloggers and blog vendors off of Google/Yahoo’s back

These days, the only thing that the nofollow tag really achieves is to identify you as an sem, or identify you as a blogger. It does nothing to prevent spam, because bots are cheap and readily available, and enough people have the idea in their heads that “links are valuable”. Wonder where they got that from, hmmmm?

Besides, I think it is disingenuous for search engines to suggest that by adding nofollow, we’re saying that we do not vouch for a page, as if to suggest that every other type of link we use means that we do. Why does linking mean we advocate something? Perhaps the search engines need to work a little harder at understanding context.

Jeremy Jawodny:

“If you’re actually concerned about every link you make being counted in some global database of site endorsements, you’re probably over-thinking”

Couldn’t agree more.

From this webmasters perspective, nofollow is a failure.

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