Web Too Point Zero: True Colors

You may be aware that there is an almighty uproar over Web 2.0 ™. It appears that CMP Media, which works with Tim O’Reilly, the head of O’Reilly Media, went all legal on it@cork, a nonprofit industry group in Ireland.

While it could be argued that being heavy-handed against a non-profit isn’t a particularly smart “branding” strategy, I don’t think actions such as these should come as any real surprise – after all, O’Reilly is a business, and Web 2.0 is all about making money, isn’t it?

It seems some techno-hippies are only just waking up to that fact, hence the uproar. Perhaps they thought O’Reilly Media Inc was a co-op.

Comical 🙂

Expect major U-turns….

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