SEO CopyWriting Vs Conversion Rates

I’m a great believer in effective copywriting, and dismissive of so-called “SEO Copywriting”. Well, at least the way a lot of SEO copywriting is undertaken. i.e. just enough keyword stuffing to avoid tripping filters, but enough keyword overuse to give the impression that the site was written by a someone with the literary equivilent of an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

As this post rightly points out:

When it comes to high search listings and high conversion rates, both the search engines and your readers are looking for much the same thing. They want relevance and clarity, without confusing distractions“.

The best SEO Copywriting is simply copywriting: write with the reader in mind.

  1. RubenRuben05-30-2006

    Well, I would argue the best SEO copywriting is writing with the reader in mind, but never forgetting the search engines. When I write, I always think of the two or three keywords that the post could be about, then I make sure I use those words more then just once, and in places which makes sense.
    I always correct my text after writing it, making up of course numerous spelling errors, but also adding a few keywords by rewriting some sentences. I don’t think my readers mind so far 😉

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo05-30-2006

    I don’t think we ever forget the search engines 😉

    Some approach “SEO Copywriting” from a technical perspective (i.e. positioning and density of phrases). Without going into the reasons why that approach doesn’t work (on Google, at least), I think seo copywriting is best approached from a visitor perspective.

    If we truly understand the visitor, and allow the visitor to define the language and terminology, while we direct the visitor to (desireable) action, then we’re getting somewhere.

    Simply repeating keyword terms risks missing the bigger picture.

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