Are Your Adsense Landing Pages Up To Scratch?

New Google bot on the loose.

“Google’s rolling out a new system where ad landing pages will be automatically spidered by a new AdsBot. The content of landing pages will help determine the quality of an ad campaign. That quality score, along with the amount you are willing to pay, is then used to determine an ad’s AdRank, the position where an ad will appear in the results. A high quality score means you can rank higher even if you pay less than others. And not participating in the new spidering system can hurt your AdRank.”

Google’s official word is here:

“The quality information collected will affect your account performance in the future. Landing pages with useful, informative content related to your keywords and ad text are considered to be of higher quality and will receive higher quality scores.”

What is “useful”, and what is “informative”?

Adwords Landing pages guidelines here.

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