Yahoo! & Ebay Cosy Up

My, my – that’s rather big news:

“Internet powerhouses Yahoo and eBay are joining forces in an alliance that appears aimed at thwarting the recent expansions of online search engine leader Google and Microsoft”

Anyone remember a time when Ebay used to dominate a lot of Google serps?

Ebay seems a natural fit with the consumer oriented Yahoo! Is this an indication that the growth of the search market is running out of steam, so the way to grab market share going forward is by consolidation?

Can anyone afford

  1. John ScottJohn Scott05-27-2006

    Sounds big. I’m rooting for Yahoo. 🙂

  2. ChrisChris05-28-2006

    I think that Google branching out to basically every faucet of online-life was an indication of ‘search engines’ losing steam. I feel its been slowing down for quite some time.

    To the typical internet user they will see no difference between google, yahoo, or msn other than Google is bare bones at face value. Diversify!

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