Unnatural SEO Writing

Let’s be honest – “SEO Copywriting” is a misnomer. “SEO Copywriting” is the practice of keyword stuffing whilst pretending not to.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, other than it doesn’t really work, in Google, at least.

Now, that the cat has been put firmly amongst the pigeons, here’s the definitive post from SeoBook on the art of writing “naturally” for search engines:

“How to mix it up to become Google friendly:

  • Start the page title with a modifier or couple non keywords instead of placing your primary keyword phrase as the first word of the page title. Example… instead of “search engine marketing company” start your title with “professional search engine marketing…”
  • Stemming is your friend. Use plural, singular, and ing versions of your keywords. I have seen pages that used a bunch of the plural version filtered out of Google for the plural version but still ranking for the singular version. If you mix it up you can catch both.
  • Mix up the anchor text, subheaders and page content. Use semantically related phrases, and, in some cases, write subheaders that are useful for humans even if some of them do not have any keyword phrases in them.
  • Make sure each page is somewhat unique and focused in nature”

The more old school seo keyword stuffing we do, the less Google likes it. Which is the way it should be, and we can expect the other engines to follow suit before long.

I think the best advice comes at the end:

“If it seems complex or complicated then don’t focus too heavily on the modifiers or semantic related phrases or even your core keyword that much. First write your article about your topic without even thinking about the search engines. Then go back and tweak it to include relevant modifiers and semantically related phrases. Make sure that you use multiple versions of your primary keyword phrase if it has multiple versions”

Great advice. I’d add: Think of your audience. Consider how they speak and what terms they use to describe things. Then write naturally. Then add semantic variations.

Softly, softly catchee monkey… 😉

  1. ChrisChris05-28-2006

    Understanding SEO, i am understanding seo now. For me to understand SEO, I merely have to read the v7n Blog for better understanding of SEO. It’s understood that SEO is better when it’s readable….understanding seo.

    pffft, lol

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo05-31-2006

    You’re looking to understand SEO? Understanding SEO is indeed important. You’ve come to the right place, but I’m thinking perhaps I should point to Wikipedia, or some other authoritive on-topic site at this point. Oh, no….too much rambling…density % falling…..back onto the topic of understanding SEO.


    Now, where did I put that H1 tag….

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