SERP Darling Today, Gone Tomorrow

Thoughtful post by Andrew at Traffick:

Depending on the type of search query, over the years, certain large websites have been so good at offering the “definitive” or at least leading resource page for a given subject that Google searchers have found themselves clicking through to the same major portals again and again. In short, these are the perennial SERP’s winners, the ones that seem to have a reasonably good answer, solution, or chunk of content for just about anything.”

Andrew is talking about how DMOZ, and other sites, used to feature a lot in the SERPs, now they don’t. These days, it’s Wikipedia. Which site will it be next year? And the year after that?

Which begs the question – why? Are Google, as Andrew suggests, tweaking the playing field, or is Wikipedia domination an unintended consequence of anti-seo algos?

Possibly both, of course.

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