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I’ve been glancing at some of the blog spam, and found the quality of some of the work is appalling. These people really need to lift their game.

I can understand why they do it. There’s no point bringing a knife to a gun fight – these serp areas are vicious. Dirty. Mean.

…but that’s no excuse for poor usability 🙂

Out of curiosity, (honest guv!) I visited a few of the sites. A lot of them aren’t completed. Those that were, I had problems finding the order page. And prices. What’s up with that?

Webmasters buy a few tools and expect the money to just come flooding in. Which doesn’t work. The way webmasters make money is by evaluating the market, then the competition, then formulating a marketing strategy, then executing well. The tools are there to help, but they don’t compensate for sheer incompetence.

If a visitor can’t find the order page, no amount of blog spamming will change that fact.


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