Google Wants To Improve Relations With Wall Street

If you’re a Google investor, you may be interested in a special meeting to be held next Wednesday:

Web search leader Google said on Tuesday that it plans to hold a special meeting with financial analysts and investors next week in a bid to improve the company’s relations with Wall Street.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company said it would host a question-and-answer session at 11 a.m. PDT next Wednesday to discuss business strategy and plans with members of Google’s senior management.

The article goes on to mention that Google share price has dropped around 10% this year as investors perceive rising competition in the internet advertising space.

Meanwhile, Yahoo sees a lot of growth in the internet advertising space, particularly outside the US:

Yahoo envisions spending on Internet ads to nearly double during the next four years, rising from a projected $31.9 billion worldwide this year to $54.9 billion in 2010…. International markets accounted for 42 percent, or about $945 million, of Google’s first-quarter revenue“.

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