Why Start A Blog?

Don’t. Seriously 😉

There are many good reasons to blog:

  • Networking
  • The act of writing can help clarify thought
  • An opportunity to put your point of view
  • An opportunity to engage in wider conversation
  • A way to get on radar
  • A way to get links
  • A way to give links
  • A chance to rant, rave and talk nonsense

I’m sure you can think of a few more.

One of the worst reasons to start a blog, IMHO, is this:

  • To make money

While there is a lot of commentary about making money with blogs, what many of these commentators don’t talk about is the opportunity cost involved. Splogs aside, blogging is writing, and writing can be hard, time consuming work with little monetary reward, especially early on.

Generally speaking (and I realise I’m making a huge generalisation), the Adsense/Affiliate/Ecommerce areas are a lot more lucrative. If your sole motivation is money, there are better ways than blogging.

Chris talks further at Performancing about motivation.

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