A Search Engine With Artificial Intelligence

From The Independent:

“Google’s ultimate aim is to create a search engine with artificial intelligence to exactly answer any question a user puts to it, the company declared last night….(Page) said: “People always make the assumption that we’re done with search. That’s very far from the case. We’re probably only 5 per cent of the way there. We want to create the ultimate search engine that can understand anything … some people could call that artificial intelligence.”

Nothing like ambition, eh.

Still, we’ve been hearing about AI since, what – the 50’s? – and nothing much has become of it. Does Google stand a chance of capturing the holy grail of computer science?

On the question of money:

“Mr Page and his chief executive, Eric Schmidt, who was also addressing the event, said Google’s revenues could grow exponentially, as it had tapped a tiny proportion of the $800bn (£424bn) global advertising market.”

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