How To Use RSS As A Marketing Tool

Years ago, I used to offer a mailing list. I got tired of running a mailing list, because mailing lists can be a pain to administer.

I also used to subscribe to a lot of mailing lists. These days, I don’t subscribe to any. Mailing lists cause me an administration overhead, and the value the emails provide often doesn’t match the cost of the administration overhead. If people want to be on my radar, they have to publish RSS.

I love RSS. If I want to grab an RSS feed from a blog, I do. The minute I don’t want to read anymore, I dump it with a single click. I can ignore posts if I want to, but I don’t have to administer them. They just flow past me like a river. There is no spam. It’s ALL on my terms.

Seth Godin: “It’s simple. You don’t get to decide how and when your prospects and customers will consume your content… they do!

As a publisher, the distribution is easy, instant, and wide. Not only does my stuff get to the readers, it also gets syndicated.

Why is RSS important?

“It is within this increasingly incorruptibly opt-in world that a much greater onus is placed on marketers to generate content worth consuming. In fact, marketers will have to learn how to generate journalistic-quality (if branded) content in order to retain viewers.”

Power to the people.