Are Yahoo! Ads Better?

They might be, if they ever arrive.

Yahoo! could be described as a company lacking a sense of urgency, which is odd given that they operate in the fiercely competitive, “all-your-data-must-belong-to-us-right-now!” search industry. Or perhaps they’re just taking time to get things right.

Yahoo!’s new search advertising system, when it arrives, is:

“…designed to let marketers target prospective consumers not only by the search terms the people use, but also by their demographics, location and what they do on other areas of the Yahoo network, executives said.”

Sounds good. Given that Yahoo! has always had a tight lock on user activity, the resulting data should prove compelling to marketers.

“On the Yahoo network we can find 300,000 consumers who are very likely to be buying a car within the next 30 days,” said Usama Fayyad, chief data officer at Yahoo.

For example, a user’s activity on Yahoo Travel can offer more information about intent to purchase products and services than keyword searches, he said. “Many things you do on the Yahoo network tell us more about your intent… (and) let us allow the marketers to target their dollars better. This is a new kind of targeting.”

OK, that’s pretty exciting stuff.

I can’t wait to see it.