How To Use The Long Tail For Fun And Profit

Well, profit, mostly.

Following on from my post yesterday about the concept of the Long Tail, let’s look at ways to apply this concept to search marketing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Long Tail, there’s a weighty definition here. Essentially, many niches add up.

How can you apply this concept to search marketing? A lot of search marketers know this already, but the idea is that if you publish many pages, and each page covers a different keyword term, then the traffic from all those pages combined can often be more substantial than the traffic generated from one or two high traffic terms. You have the added advantage that you can target more effectively.

If you only get one visitor per day for the phrase “lcd televisions free delivery”, but you have 1000 similar pages, say, each describing different products, and each page receives one visitor per day, then that’s (obviously) 1000 visitors. Targeted visitors. Not bad at all, and often with very little effort. This strategy works especially well for large catalogs generated from databases, and works for both SEO and PPC.

This is why concentrating on a few, high traffic keyword terms can sometimes be a bad idea, especially if you’re late to market in a competitive SERP area. There’s a lot of value to be found in the tail, and it be a lot more cost effective to extract.