Google Hires SEM

The search engines have frequently hired SEO’s/SEM’s in the past, but this time, it’s in a very public role.

Google have hired Adam Lasnik, a search/affiliate marketer to do webmaster liason.

“My hope is that Adam will help Google listen more, and will also grow into answering webmaster questions. We sent him to WMW Boston to soak up what Pubcons are like, and he’ll be at SES London as well. Sure, it will take time for him to ramp up, but he’s already been helping me a lot. For example, he’s been going through the WMW Boston emails and replying to them. He’s been handling outside email to me that I wouldn’t get a chance to respond to. Over the next couple months, we’re also going to throw Adam into our intensive training to become a webspam warrior.” 

I’m sure Matt could use some help with the constant demands of the ‘cutlets. Congratulations Adam!