Yahoo! Eye Tracking Tips

I like visual heatmaps. Rather useful things to have at hand when you’re considering ad placement.

Yahoo! Publisher have a few recommendations for ad placement: ““From a click-through standpoint, most publishers get the best results when they place a ‘leaderboard’ above the fold between the top nav and their rich content”

Hmmm….maybe. I guess the writer qualifies that statement by saying “It really depends on what you’re trying to do”.

“In general, Margaret has a found that the second most active placement in terms of click-throughs tends to be the right-hand rail or margin. “Skyscrapers” and vertical banners do well when placed next to the content in the main body.”

Hmmm….curious! I’ve never found that to be true, but then again, all sites are different. This underscores the need to take ad placement suggestions as guidelines, rather than hard and fast rules.