PlentyofFish Drama – Traffic Monetization

Recently ShoeMoney called out Markus Frind of PlentyofFish.

Markus Frind has gotten some impressive coverage recently for his awesome successes in both sticky traffic and in Adsense revenue. ShoeMoney made a few claims, essentially implying that Markus is a lying scumbag who is faking traffic and revenue for the publicity.

I won’t pretend to know how much traffic PlentyofFish gets, but I have a feeling Google has an idea of how much traffic he gets, just from the fact that Google is serving Adsense ads on his site.

Clicking on the Adsense “Advertise here” link, I’m taken to a Google page that states:

Plentyoffish has around 14 million daily pageviews and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Seems okay to me.

Now you cannot fault ShoeMoney for questioning the stats. I question people’s stats all the time, just because most losers lie about their stats.

But there is the issue of another claim made by ShoeMoney.

He hires people to blog about his bull crap and sends email to every blogger (including me) offering a “exclusive interview”.

Markus denies that, so one of them is a liar.

As for the stats, his Alexa seems to confirm them. Pretty hard to fake an Alexa rank of 837, if not impossible.

And the Plenty of Fish Forums have an astounding 2.5 million posts.

But the real issue here is monetization. When I first heard that Markus was making $10,000 a day in Adsense, my first reaction was, “you dumbass”.

The guy gets 14 million daily pageviews and all he can do is $10,000? C’mon people. When I get that much traffic, believe you me I will be thinking outside of the Adsense box. With that kind of traffic, I’d be clearing $80,000 a day. Whatever happened to thinking in terms of CPM?

Oh well, to each his own.

Entertaining melodrama on ThreadWatch.

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