Mixed Reaction To Google’s Press Day Announcements

Sometimes I wonder if I get just a bit too meta? Reporting on the reporting following the reporting…..

Anyways, media reaction has been mixed following Googles announcements yesterday.

Here’s a range of comments that appeared in the media today:

  • Google Co-op is a complicated, non-algorithmic search product that breaks my “remember that people are lazy” rule
  • Google Notebook is for a market, search clipping, that is cluttered with the bones of failed products
  • Google Desktop soaks up desktop space and CPU cycles while underwhelming
  • Google Trends is marginally more useful, but it’s fringe silliness, a less fun cross between Googlefight and Alexaholic
  • Google Trends – Kick Ass!
  • Google Trends – a great time waster
  • The first is outstanding. It’s called Google Trends
  • Danny and Barry spent some time playing around with it, and are sounding confused…
  • Google Co-op : Community Search, Spam Opportunity…

Quite frankly, I could go on all day. It’s fair to say that reaction is mixed, apparently based on what you do for a living. Search Marketers, like me, appear to love Google Trends. Generalist Tech journalists appear to demand nothing short of the Second Coming, and the Web 2.0 crowd….

Actually, who cares 🙂

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