Top Three Search Marketing Opportunities For Merchants

Lee Oden has an overview of a ACCM session held in Chicago.

I think one of the key ideas is that web users are turning to their peers for reviews. I have no precise data to back this up, but this is certainly a society wide trend. The role of the “expert”, especially in new media, is dying as people increasingly use technology to bypass traditional hierarchical structures of control.

In short, they want their mates to advise them what to buy, not some distant talking head. This is the reason why slick sites often fail to sell stuff, and why Amazon makes a fortune.

Lee touches on a lot of topics. Well worth a read.

  1. Lee OddenLee Odden05-16-2006

    You’re right on Peter. A meme I’m seeing a lot more lately is that of blogs vs search engines as sources of information. It came up during Malcom Gladwell’s presentation at Pubcon Boston and Amanda Watlington did a great job discussing it at ACCM.

    I think it’s part of the appeal of blogs: less formal or salesy, hopefully honest communication. Many consumers are tired of being “sold to” and often make better purchasing decisions based on recommendations.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo05-16-2006

    Hi Lee. Yes, I think it’s such an important point. As people are getting more web savvy, they’re looking for genuine credibility. The personal voice may be favored over the corporate voice.

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