Comprehensive vs Selective

Today I spend a good part of the day editing and approving submissions to our new directory. So good stuff came through, and I’m happy to populate the categories with quality sites. Most of the submissions today were blogs.

Well, when I wasn’t approving blogs, I was searching for other quality sites to add to other categories.

One way of finding quality sites is to visit DMOZ and get inspired. While visiting DMOZ, I went to a certain category that corresponds to a category in my directory which I want to populate.

This category at DMOZ had 90 (ninety) websites listed. Going through the listings, I wanted to borrow 7 (seven). Why seven? Are you dense? Have you not figured out that “7” is my favorite number?? V7N. V7 Inc. SevenSeek. Yeah – they all have seven in there.

So, after reviewing all 90 of the websites, guess how many I deemed worthy?


There is a lot of crap on the Internet that exists to regurgitate old news in order to have some place to put ads. That’s what most of those websites were.

So, command decision, V7N will be selective, not comprehensive.


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