Are Your Pages Too Heavy?

This one will be obvious to many of you, but it’s surprising how many people new to web design forget about the importance of light, fast loading pages.

Studies have shown that you lose 51% of visitors if you force them to wait 15 seconds. Imagine what that does to your conversion rates. Quite frankly, I’d be long gone after 15 seconds. I tend to leave after 4 or 5 seconds of inactivity.

We’re a technical crowd, so we often forget that there are still people out there on low speed connections. If these people make up your sites demographic, however, then you need to be very aware of page load times.

There are other benefits as well.

Your site will “feel” less clunky to use, even to those with fast connections, which in turn will increase user satisfaction, meaning people will hand around longer. You’ll also save on bandwidth.

I’m hearing you say “yeah, that’s obvious”. True, but have you tested your page load times on a 56K modem lately?

I did recently for a couple of my affiliate sites. Needless to say, I was shocked at the performance of some pages.

One can get too conditioned to having fast broadband, sometimes 🙂

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