Yahoo! Perform Well In Australia And New Zealand

For those of you interested in search downunder, Yahoo! announce that they are making further in-roads into this market.

“Yahoo! Search Marketing Australia and New Zealand, has reported its strongest quarterly performance since launching in 2004. The company says it has signed up a significant number of new advertisers and extended its network of distribution partners in Australia and New Zealand.

Craig Wax, Yahoo! Search Marketing’s managing director for Australia, New Zealand, India and South East Asia, said the business unit’s performance for the first quarter of the year in the Australian and New Zealand market was up by more than 75% percent over the same period last year, outperforming the total online advertising market in Australia, which grew by 65% (ABVS) over the corresponding period.”

There’s big growth potential in search activity in Australia and New Zealand. Broadband takeup has been slow, and offerings are comparitively expensive, but things are changing.

I’d welcome a lot more regional control on Yahoo!’s new search advertising platform, so hopefully we’ll see that happening. Google Adwords does particularly well outside the US because of their advanced international targeting features.

  1. ToddWToddW05-10-2006

    I`ll be sure tell my friends in Australia (and yes I do have a handful) that Yahoo may be there new best friend 😉

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