SEO Certification: What is the point?

Searchengineguide published an article on two new SEO certification programs.

Given that SEOs can seldom agree on anything, attempts at certification have always fallen flat in the past. As Jim Hedger rightly points out:

“There is no official governing board for search engine optimization practitioners. In other words, SEO is not a profession by any extent of the word. It is a practice. There is no regulation, other than the vocal self-policing that happens within the industry and no bureau of complaints and compliance, other than the search engines themselves.”

While clients may want to see some proof of performance and ability, is certification the right way to go about delivering that? Can SEO be certified in the first place? What is SEO, exactly? Who is doing the certifying, and more importantly, what are their motives and do they have sufficient authority?

I can’t see SEO certification as having any real value. Marketing performance metrics are a better measure as far as clients are concerned, and as there are many different approaches to different SEO problems it would be difficult to establish one way as being the “best” or only way.

Threadwatch has a good, heated discussion on the topic.

What do you think about SEO certification schemes?

  1. ToddWToddW05-10-2006

    SEO certification is like the A+ certification… just to be able to “say” you have it.

    In the end you don’t NEED it to get a good job.

  2. WebmasterfindWebmasterfind05-10-2006

    I don´t think, that a SEO certification even become a real value. Sure, some people can promote with it, but that´s all. The best SEO certification are your references.

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