Yahoo! Wakes Up, Smells Coffee

The Yahoo! Search Advertising revamp is all over the news.

Yahoo today revealed plans to roll out an entirely revamped online search advertising system this autumn, in the hope of catching global leader Google….(Yahoo!) has already admitted that its current Search Marketing offering has “run its course”.

Sure has.

Looks like Yahoo! will be “doing an Adwords” by incorporating click-thru figures and other variables. A good move, which will surely be welcomed by advertisers. Currently, bidding wars don’t really benefit anyone, including, in the long run, Yahoo! themselves. Search ads need to be clicked on in order to generate economic activity, not just displayed.

John Battelle mentions that there’s a new interface in store, which this advertiser will certainly like, as I find their existing system clunky. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Expect changes “sometime between July and September”, according to Danny Sullivan.

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