Owning A Pencil Doesn’t Make Someone Shakespeare

Nick n’ Kim riff on the question: “When is a Blog Not a Blog?”

So I’ll join in.

I think the blogging world can be divided into two camps. Those who have read the Cluetrain Manifesto, and those who have not. Or those who have an opinion, and those who do not.

The last thing blogging is about is software. That’s just content management. Blogging is mostly about participating in a conversation. People who regurgitate press releases and news stories without adding context, comment or punditry aren’t blogging, they’re distributing.

Google News, and other such aggregation services, make the act of distribution redundant. Leave that to Newscorp. Blogging must sound, and be, human, else it is dead.

My two cents.

PS: Opinions expressed in this blog are proudly half-baked 🙂

  1. ChrisChris05-08-2006

    Half-Baked articles are the best to read! lol

    Although, I would like to build on what you have said here. It is my opinion that a blog is a blog, no matter if it’s opinionated or not, as long as it has a personality. Keyword ‘personality’. 🙂

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo05-08-2006

    A good word, “personality”. I love the bloggers who have a lot of personality in their writing. It sounds easy, but it’s very difficult to do well.

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