How Many Hats Do You Wear?

A recent study by iProspect showed that many search marketers wear many hats in that they often perform a number of job functions. This is unsurprising given that search marketing hasn’t been mainstream for that long and that formal corporate structures can take a long time to catch up.

The study concludes that search engine marketers perform an average of five other job functions in addition to search marketing.

That’s probably true in medium to large companies, but I’d say the average search marketer, given the fact many search marketers run their own businesses or work in small firms, do a lot more that five jobs. For example, one of my main jobs is to make the coffee. And to make sure the beer fridge is well stocked. I take my responsibilities pretty seriously 🙂

Chris Sherman has further analysis.

  1. Bjorn SolstadBjorn Solstad05-09-2006

    Yup. They sure are right about that. In my job-description 😉 going out with the cat is an important part of my job. Also making coffee is a big part of it.

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