More Traffic, Or More Effective Landing Pages?

Both would be great, eh.

There’s often a lot of talk in SEO forums about maximizing traffic flow, as if that’s the answer to everything. However, there’s one, often overlooked aspect that can markedly affect the bottom line, and that is the conversion rate of landing pages. Obviously, if you up the conversion rate, you make more money on the same amount of traffic – or on less traffic. A little more time spent on tweaking landing pages can pay big dividends.

Here’s a few basic landing page aspects to consider:

  • Target landing pages: don’t drop visitors on your home page if they’re looking for a specific product. Land them directly on the specific product or service.
  • Call To Action – Make it clear what action you want the visitor to take next. Spell it out.
  • Align The Sales Process With The Buyers Journey – visitors are often resistant to making a purchase. What is the next step they take after landing? Check out this article on the sales funnel.
  • Track Conversions – surprising how many SEOs don’t do this. How do you know if a rank results in increased business if you don’t know how the traffic from that ranking converts? This step can save you countless hours and wasted opportunity.
  • Avoid SEO copy stuffing – would you buy a car from a salesperson who talked like this: “You’re interested in a Ferrari? Sure, I’ll show you the Ferraris. If Ferraris are what you want, we have Ferraris for sale. Ferraris of all shapes and sizes including…….”. Keyword density trickery doesn’t work, and will only guarantee that your visitors will think you’re insane 🙂
  • Above all, Test – use split/run testing and multi-variable testing. If something works, run with it. If it doesn’t, cut it. The audience decides what works and what doesn’t.

Further reading: interesting article on Taguchi Testing.

  1. AHFXAHFX05-03-2006

    Sounds like you have been reading the book Call to Action. The talk about exactly the same points. The book really focuses on increasing conversion rates. Check out for more information. I have taken a different spin on the topic.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo05-03-2006

    Yes, I read it a while back – great stuff. It touches on many fundamental marketing themes.

  3. John ScottJohn Scott05-04-2006

    Great post, Peter.

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