Google Has A Machine Crisis

I have a machine crisis. I’ve bought a new PC and it’s a pain shifting everything over.

But that’s nothing….

“Referring to the sheer volume of Web site information, video and e-mail that Google’s servers hold, Schmidt said: “Those machines are full. We have a huge machine crisis.

  1. BillBill05-03-2006

    I went through that last week.

    Good luck, Peter. I hope that the move goes well.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo05-04-2006

    Heh heh. Thanks Bill.

    Tedious move ongoing…

  3. sloganslogan05-05-2006

    I backed up my home system last week and that went smooth enough so I’m sure they’ll be fine 😉

    Good luck dude 🙂

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