All You Need To Dominate The Rankings Are Title Tags

My title is a joke, obviously 🙂

Mike Grehan interviews Matt Cutts about what works, and what doesn’t, in SEO. Mike wants to dispell a few myths. It would be great to hear the entire interview, and I’m sure we will in time, but there’s some interesting bits and pieces in the meantime:

The firm had sold him a package of “textbook SEO,” which included the whole on-page paraphernalia I covered in my previous column. And it wasn’t working. He was told he had to have H1 tags on the thousands and thousands of pages on his site. Search engines almost insist on it. He must have meta tags. Search engines almost insist. He must do keyword-density analysis. Search engines almost insist. And he must be linked to by high PageRank pages to win. Yes, search engines almost insist. I asked whether he believed he could rank at number one at Google not only without any of those things but… wait for it… without ever having had his page crawled by Google”.

Clued SEOs have known for some time that links and inter-site relationships are the most important aspect when it comes to ranking, yet there are still SEO consultants peddling archaic SEO “strategy” circa 1999. Forget the whitehat/blackhat nonsense – clients really suffer when they see no return on their investment. The real scourge of the SEO industry is non-performance.

There were two overall opinions in the feedback I received. Those who have nothing other to sell than textbook SEO say it works. Those who pay for it (clients) and get no results say it doesn’t. Pretty much a forgone conclusion…”.

Sums it up, really.

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