Yahoo! Tech Advertising Delivery System

Ho hum. Yahoo! Tech launches.

Don’t know about you, but that just looks like one big glossy advertisment to me. Aren’t tech audiences put off by big glossy advertisments? Then again, I suppose it is primarily a shopping site, and it is aimed at an audience that doesn’t want all the techno jargon, so fair enough.

“Yahoo plans to target demographic groups like “moms,” “boomers,””working guys” or the fashion-conscious, consumers looking for electronics in one of 19 categories, including computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and music players.

The site has licensed reviews from the “Dummies” series of How-to books, Consumer Reports, PC World and PC Magazine. Yahoo! Tech is focusing now on the US market and there are no imminent plans to expand into other countries, Houston said”

The interesting thing is that Yahoo! Tech provides a lot of context. Context is often missing from shopping search engines, and this highlights the key difference in approach between Yahoo! & Google.

Will Google drift more into Yahoo! territory in future?

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