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Do You Think Stock Photography Sucks?

Stuntdbl has a good rant about stock photography of people: “Stock people on a website decreases your credibility. No, I haven’t done extensive studies on this, but I can spot stock photos of people from a mile off, and sites with it are much less likely to get my dollar than a site with a REAL picture of REAL people …

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MSN To Offer 15% Commissions

Report that MSN will pay tiered commisions on agency advertising spend: “Microsoft today announced its decision to use a tiered system for its search commission structure, with 15 percent as the maximum, which is in contrast to competitors Google and Yahoo” This may put pressure on Yahoo! and Google, who recently scrapped or cutback their commission payments to agencies.

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Got An Ipod?

This post isn’t even vaguely search related. It is, however, Ipod related. I have an Ipod. I love my Ipod. It is, without doubt, the coolest thing I own. When I was considering buying a music player, some music-gadget obsessed friends offered a wealth of well-meaning advice. “No”, they said, “don’t get an Ipod because it can’t do xyz, unlike …

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Optimise The BBC

I like the Beeb, possibly the largest, and most reliable news source on the planet. Now the BBC wants to take on Google and AOL, and they want more public money to do it: “A publicly-funded BBC is the only organisation in Britain capable of taking on the global commercial giants of AOL and Google, its director general said yesterday. …

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Affiliate Programs: Power Relationship

Affiliate programs can be a great source of revenue for webmasters. Programs have low start-up costs, are easy to get up and running, and there is no need to organise the back end. BUT Look at the great deal the vendor is getting – a salesperson working on a commission only basis, and there is little management overhead involved. It’s …

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