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AdSense Tips: AdSense Is Not A Banner

For those of you who are part of the AdSense publisher network, and may be struggling to see much return for their efforts, or are considering joining up but not sure how to start, I’ll regularly post tips on how to get the most out of Adsense. Make some money, in other words There’s no reason why anyone should be …

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Is Your Google Adsense Stuck?

Nicholas Carr has an interesting post about Google Adsense. Some publishers have trouble getting to the $100 minimum limit for payment, so Google gets to hold on to this money, and pocket the interest. There’s no doubting that is one fine business model – many small amounts can add up to a LOT of cash, obviously. As Carr points out, …

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Matt Cutts on Nofollow Links

It seems like the fad of the day is to complain about the nofollow and Google’s insistence upon it. Matt Cutts has recently reaffirmed his stance on the nofollow. Q: If one were to offer to sell space on their site (or consider purchasing it on another), would it be a good idea to offer to add a NOFOLLOW tag …

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Keep on Linking in the Real World

When practicing SEO and link building, sometimes it’s quite easy to focus only on web based directories, relationships and linking methods – when some truly organic and grassroots link & traffic building opportunities may be right under your nose. If you represent a brick and mortar business such as a restaurant, video store, fitness center or even a home improvement …

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Google Query Refinements

Bill has an excellent, and very detailed, post on Google’s search query refinement patent. “I find the most interesting thing about this approach is how user data, through log files and cached information, is incorporated into results. There are probably some hints in the document for people creating content on web sites, on how to best show up in some …

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Google Base And Why Aggregation Sites Will Be In The Firing Line

Google Base is quietly being integrated into Google’s main results. Needless to say, it is not being displayed on page 3, result number 27. This should be of concern to anyone who aggegates data and adds little value in the process. Google Base provides real estate listings search, classifieds, and they’ve recently been spotted providing auto listings, too. Google won’t …

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