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Google Pushes Firefox

You’d think Microsoft were about to release an updated web browser that gives them more of a lock-in on web search. Or something. On Wednesday, Google displayed a Firefox advertisment on their homepage. The advertisment promoted the advantages of being a Firefoxer: “…security. IE, which has more than 85 percent of the market, is a favorite target for hackers and …

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Does Microsoft Wear A Black Hat?

This is pretty damn funny. Aaron Wall posts about a link from the official IE7 website. The link leads to a site called IEAddons. If you run a few searches on that site, you’ll find such “intriguing” tools as: Alexa Booster: – has been designed to simulate real online visitors and also simulating referrals to your site. It will improve …

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The History Of Google & Yahoo

A cool look at Google screenshots since 1998. It is interesting to note that Google started with a lot more screen clutter than it has today. Loren Baker, from SearchEngineJournal, has done a similar thing with Yahoo! , who have updated their homepage in the past few days.

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How Concerned Are You About Google Domination?

Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? Somewhere in between? This BusinessWeek article examines some of the forces Google are up against, including newspapers, book publishers, and Uncle Sam. The article concludes: “by plunging into new markets with seeming abandon, Google is creating a lot of enemies whose survival may depend on making sure it doesn’t succeed in them all”. Then there’s the …

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How To Get Google To Show UI Snippets

Thought-provoking article at the Social Patterns blog about Google UI Snippets. Briefly, a ui snippet is a link within a site presented as part of a serp. Michael Nguyen thinks the selection process has something to do with traffic data, presumably acquired from the Google toolbar: “If you are using the Google Toolbar’s advanced features, when you visit a web …

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Get More Links

SEOBlackhat has a good post on alternative link building strategy. He describes how hoaxes can generate massive inbound linkage from authority sites, using the fictional Air Force One graffitti incident as an example. Compare the effort involved in aquiring these links with getting those links by other means. Of course, you don’t have to employ hoaxes. Sometimes all that is …

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