Textbook SEO Dead?

Is textbook SEO dead?

Some of the best minds in SEO posting there, so forgive the long-winded posts.

  1. Loren BakerLoren Baker04-30-2006

    John, why doesn’t Peter get to have his pic in color. Are you like the Wizard of Oz?

    This is an excellent thread and goes to show how following up to an article which is not to the point nor answers it’s own questions can lead to a very active extension to the debate and conversation.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo04-30-2006

    That was the pic I gave John.

    Great thread, agreed.

  3. John ScottJohn Scott04-30-2006

    Loren, Peter costs me too much. I can’t afford color images anymore. 😉

  4. BASIC textbook SEO will never die. There will always be a need for digestible outlets for newbies.

    –> Correct TITLE TAG optimization …
    –> Back Linked Keyword optimization …
    –> Keyword Suggestion Tools …
    –> Body-text Keyword-frequency …
    –> Website Trackers Analysis

    However, when it gets to Advanced Optimization – knowing what to do and what not to do, based on trial and error, or INSTINCTS – are very difficult to teach. Especially since Algos change so frequently.

    It now takes YEARS of constant dedication and analysis to become an advanced SEO.

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