MSN AdCenter Changes, Rollout

According to this site, AdCenter will undergo a major update in May, followed by a rollout in June.

I’ve been using AdCenter for a while, and while it takes a bit of getting used to, it’s a great marketing tool and a valuable addition to the PPC space. With Microsoft behind it, you know it’s going to be a major player, so if you haven’t already, give it a whirl.

I just wish it was a bit more like Adwords than like Yahoo! Sponsored search. I find the review process frustrating.

How do you find it?

  1. SophieSophie04-30-2006

    Admittedly it’s still in beta but I find the lack of communication annoying. If it’s gonna take them 7 days to review my ads I’d appreciate being told. And receive email telling me when they’re done.

    Their review process seems stricter than Google’s too.

  2. Loren BakerLoren Baker04-30-2006

    I wonder if Amazon switching their A9 and Alexa search over to Live Windows from Google will also bring about a change in based contextual advertising from AdWords/AdSense to AdCenter?

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