Do Outbound Links Help Your Site?

Many SEOs speculate on the precise formulas that the search engines use to evaluate sites. Many, of course, haven’t a clue. They’re repeating something they’ve heard from someone else, who heard it from someone else, and so on, and so on. Ask ten different seo’s if outbound links help, you’ll get a wide variety of answers, some of which might even be correct.

I’d like to approach this issue from another angle and show you precisely how outbound links can help your site.

We’re human. If people are talking about us, we tend to want to listen. If people like us, we tend to like them.

One of the best “SEO techniques” – actually it’s a PR technique – is to post something about someone and link to their site. Chances are they’ll notice the reference, either by ego surfing or noticing the inbound link in their referral logs, and may respond, or reference you on their site. If that person is prominent within a community, you may come “on-radar” to entire community very quickly. The link love naturally follows, especially if you’ve got something that community wants, or what you’re saying is unique, or contentious.

No man is an island. Neither should your website be.

  1. John ScottJohn Scott04-30-2006

    That’s my philosophy on outbounds. I do it for networking, not SEO. 😉

  2. Fil NYCFil NYC05-01-2006

    This is a practice that should and can be carried over to real social events and web technologies… After all, we are all human and much like our ego’s dictate, a link is acknowledgement, thus a pat on the back that helps us propel online (given we have something helpful to offer the community to which we belong or want to belong to).

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