Adsense Strategy: Text Is Design Too

As Kitchen Designer rightly points out, another interesting technique that leads to higher click-thru rates is the way you format the text of the Adsense unit.

You have control of the following variables:

  • Border
  • Title
  • Background
  • Text
  • URL

Try setting the background and border to the same color as your site background. Next, change the title to the same color as the links on your site. In terms of click-thru, it is best if you use one consistent link color on your pages for both the Adsense and your navigation links.

Finally, make the text and URL color the same color as the text on your site. This technique helps you blend the Adsense creative into your site, effectively blurring the lines between advertising and content in the mind of the visitor.

Combined with appropriate Adsense creative positioning, the text variables are a powerful way to influence click-thru percentages.

  1. Loren BakerLoren Baker04-30-2006

    I also find that on some sites, especially those which cater to a mass amount of customers, changing the link from blue to red or another vibrant color can have a positive effect on CTR.

    Not sure how it effects smart pricing though, as those “hey I got your attention with a shiney color” clicks may not be as interested in the end product.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo05-01-2006


    The smart pricing issue can potentially throw a spanner in the works. A topic for another post, perhaps 🙂

  3. Tennis ShoesTennis Shoes08-07-2006

    Increasing CTR is not much problem, but then Smart pricing takes effect. as Peter said.

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