SEO is Fun

Occasionally a business or website owner will drop by the V7N forums and ask, “who is the best SEO?” I am rarely willing to endorse one SEO as “the Best SEO“. And, honestly, I do not know who the best is.

Some of the better known SEO’s are better known because they talk at SES and Pubcon. But that would just make them prolific public speakers, not SEO’s.

Some are well known because they have great rankings for their own sites. That would just indicate to me that they do great SEO for their own sites. Doesn’t necessarily translate into doing the best for their clients.

Thinking about this question – who is the best SEO? – got me to thinking. It’s often not SEO these folks need. They need to run their businesses. SEO is often seen as a way to fake success.

Yup, we’re not a successful, legitimate business with tens of thousands of happy customers, but we want to rank on search engines as if we were.

If SEO is your business model, I’m guessing you’re in trouble. Why are people buying PageRank from Jupiter Media? So they can appear successful with high PR and some increase in SERP visibility?

I’ve got an idea: Why not actually be successful?

Two kids are on the beach. They are arguing over whether to use the small spoon (on-page SEO) to put water in the bucket, or use the big spoon (anchor text links).

I say, neither. There is an ocean out there. It’s the Internet, and links are frigging everywhere.

While Yahoo! Shopping buys high PR linkage, Google gets linkage for free, for nothing other than taking care of business.

John, I want to ranking and high PR for my web hosting site.

It isn’t SEO that gets people ranked for web hosting. It’s taking care of business. Not SEO.

John, I want a high Alexa rank.

Install the toolbar. Or, be successful. Provide legitimately useful content, products or services. You’ll get links and traffic.

SEO is not a business model. SEO is fun.

Sure, SEO can drive some traffic. But why spoon water into your bucket when you have the ocean? Take care of business, and linkage will happen.

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