Google Growing Fast. Yahoo! Even Faster…

Nielsen/NetRatings released data showing that search engine use is growing.

“…Google, continuing on its expansion aims and new product features, had its search-engine use in March 2006 grow 41 percent from last March’s figure….Google search was used 2.9 billion times this past March, compared to 2.06 billion times the previous March”

Yahoo! also had very good figures:

“One of Google’s biggest rivals, Yahoo!, says its search engine use rise even greater, jumping up 47 percent to 1.33 billion searches in March 2006.”

It appears that the portalisation of search and online services has resulted in brand loyalty, and is responisble for increasing usage overall.

  1. Loren BakerLoren Baker04-30-2006

    Yahoo’s strength is in their portal and content. As they transform their content rich portal into a search powered content rich portal they are essentially having their cake and eating it too.

    This has also led to a swift rise in search marketing impressions and clicks on the Yahoo network, as the expansion of search leads to the expansion of search ads:

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