MSN Lagging Behind

MSN search is lagging behind, with only a 9% share of the search market:

“MSN Search achieved only a nine per cent share of the US search market in March according to new figures released by Nielsen Netratings. The numbers put MSN Search in a poor third place in a search market dominated by the big two”.

It’s a shame, really, given that MSN a) has newbie visitor traffic who like spending money and b) erm… “responds well”…to basic seo 😉

Perhaps that’s why MSN are doing some out-of-the-box thinking, and may purchase Massive, a platform that can deliver advertisments within video games. My god, just look at those price tags!

Such a move would make AdCenter even more appealing, of course. In the world of advertising, wide distribution networks are king.

  1. ChrisChris04-29-2006

    That’s some serious money involved. It will be real interesting to see how cut-throat the industry gets in video gaming. Personally, I will be sad the day I notice Mario is wearing Nike’s.

  2. Andreas KrausAndreas Kraus04-30-2006

    Microsoft is focusing on the new Live! Plattform, let’s see if they gonna make it and catch up within one year 🙂

  3. ToddWToddW04-30-2006

    Mario in Nikes, I think the world is due for some less invasive advertising. This reminds me of The Truman Show (movie). I think the brain will go ‘numb’ to Mario in Nikes after a couple years so they will be needing to change it up a good amount often.

  4. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo04-30-2006

    Interesting one, eh. I think it could add to the sense of realism in many cases, so long it is integrated appropriately.

    So, how long before you can bid for space (PPC) in online gaming networks?

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