Matt Cutts on Nofollow Links

It seems like the fad of the day is to complain about the nofollow and Google’s insistence upon it.

Matt Cutts has recently reaffirmed his stance on the nofollow.

Q: If one were to offer to sell space on their site (or consider purchasing it on another), would it be a good idea to offer to add a NOFOLLOW tag so to generate the traffic from the advertisement, but not have the appearance of artificial PR manipulation through purchasing of links?

A: Yes, if you sell links, you should mark them with the nofollow tag. Not doing so can affect your reputation in Google.

Is this bullying? Yes, it is. But then again, you pay taxes don’t you? We do a lot of things we would rather not do, in order to avoid adverse consequences.

Link buying and link selling will continue to be a big market. But if you sell text links be prepared to deal with the consequences, just as you should be prepared to deal with the consequences if you refuse to pay taxes.

Here is my stance on nofollow.

1. On blog comments, screw the nofollow. I moderate comments, and only legitimate comments get published, and nobody is paying me to comment on my blog so why the hell would I attach a link condom?

2. Paid advertising. I don’t sell text links. Selling and buying text links on a website that otherwise generates income is stupid, not to mention ugly. I do not sell links on my websites so I don’t have to worry about nofollowing paid links. I do sell advertisements, such as the banner ads on V7N to such places as Tech Guy Forums.

I only sell ad space to relevant people, and no mention is made of PageRank or link condoms. If an advertiser asked me about link condoms, I would probably slip one on so fast his head would swim. Yeah, V7N is my baby and I am not going to risk its PageRank for a spammer.

When it comes down to it, why are people complaining about the nofollow? Just don’t use it if you don’t like it.

Seriously people, nofollow should be a non-issue. Just don’t link to crap in the first place.

If you link to crap, nofollow or not, you deserve whatever Google dishes out.

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