Moving Beyond SEO

Many people who do SEO don’t call themselves SEOs.

Stuntbdl nails it:

“Part of the problem may be the fact that there is a definitive life cycle to SEO’s. Most folks will be drawn in at some point as part of a job our their own business. They will proceed to grow their understanding to use it to help others, grow their own business, or do consulting. Most of the stellar SEO folks will end up doing affiliate marketing or starting their own non-SEO business models. They grow increasingly frustrated with the information gap between themselves and the prospects seeking services”.

I think this is the experience of a lot of people. When SEO is done effectively, that is – it delivers real bottom line benefits instead of just rankings – then many SEOs ask themselves “why am I spending time doing this for other people?”. If you can command high-value traffic, and you know how to make it convert, you are worth gold with a capital G.

Also, there is a point when SEO becomes one small part of the much larger marketing skillset. The best SEOs, in my opinion, are not those who know the mechanics of what they do, but they also know the “why”. If you bring in a customer, then you’d better know exactly how that customer is going to increase your revenue.

What’s the best thing an SEO can learn beyond the basic SEO skillset? I think it’s marketing theory.

Here’s a primer.

  1. ChrisChris04-21-2006

    Amen, in addition, I would think this applies to most all industries, not just SEO. Its a matter of keeping your company diversified and looking for new lines of revenue, keeping the preverbial ‘blinders’ off.

    Perhaps something we’ve all thought about but never really put down in print, I thank you for the reminder that SEO is not the end all. 😉

  2. I agree – when someone works very hard and learns the ins and outs of a website and manage to convert visits to sales – you end up thinking why not do my own site and do it myself. The sad truth is, SEO needs loads of work and a lot of time and energy invested into the website to get to that point. if you can do that – then by all means it’s worth setting up your own site on the side.

  3. Fil NYCFil NYC05-01-2006

    Having spent so much time in the disciplines of Web Design, Web Development, Marketing, Sales and SEO, I can certainly tie them together with a iron-clad methodology. After all, who cares if you get traffic from petshop websites if your business sells accounting software! You want sales and leads for accounting software and related services. Not to mention, the user experience has to be sought through and pleasent, or else you may not keep the client base you work so hard to attain.

    So many issues all boiling down to one very simple element, “the why!”

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