Don’t Talk About Fight Club

What’s the single best piece of information you know about search marketing?

There was a time when we all knew nothing about search engines and how to go about making money via this channel. At some point, someone told you something that made you go “a-ha!”. If you were to pass that information on to some of the newer readers here, what would your advice be?

Here’s mine: Read this:

Successful Site in 12 Months Alone, by Brett Tabke.

Here’s another:

Always get half payment up front.

OK, that’s not strictly search marketing, but it’s paid off time and time again in business!

Here’s another:

There is no point getting a lot of visitor traffic to a site if all the visitors leave without buying or engaging. A number one rank is useless unless it provides you with a real return. Once you’ve targeted your keywords, put effort into making a site that will convert visitors to desired action.

Which is best? A site that receives 10 visitors per day, and converts one of them, or a site that gets 10,000 visitors per day, and converts none of them? The later site clearly isn’t targeting properly, or moving visitors to desired action, but their seo might be top-notch. So what.

Oh, and read this book. Ugliest cover in the world, but it contains killer content and strategy.

I’m getting carried away. Your turn.

  1. John ScottJohn Scott04-20-2006

    A bit along the lines of what you already stated, but I’ll say it anyway. Conversions over traffic, and profit over conversions.

    Another one: you can sell doggie doodoo in a brown bag if you get enough people recommending it. A lot of people refuse to believe in the power of referrals, but it’s God’s honest truth.

  2. John ScottJohn Scott04-20-2006

    Another one: Network. I love Aaron Wall’s SEO Book. It’s truly a good book, and I have read it and say that.

    But I recommended it before I even read it, and that is the power of networking.

  3. ayanevayanev04-20-2006

    “Always get half payment up front.” – thats the best advice, after a few years in the business of the webdevelopment and design (not SEO, but for seo is the same rule) – thats just the best advice you can give to a newer.

    one of my clients are getting only 10 to 20 visitors per day. But they get weekly normaly around 5 sales ! They spent 300$(yeah, cheap price for design/development of fully database driven website, but thats the price i can ask in Bulgaria) for their website and online marketing. Thats online business, before this client i thought that online business is getting 10k visitors per day…

  4. ChrisChris04-20-2006

    Never jumped on purchasing available books. It would probably be good for me, keep me away from the computer screen for awhile anyways.

  5. Peter T DavisPeter T Davis04-20-2006

    Pay well connected college students to get you backlinks on those elusive .edu sites.

  6. GuyFromChicagoGuyFromChicago04-20-2006

    One word – diversify.

  7. Loren BakerLoren Baker04-21-2006

    Or volunteer an hour to speak at a college marketing class, and force each student during the lesson to link to you from their site.

  8. sem4usem4u04-21-2006

    Get backlinks with your keyphrases in the anchor text.

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