ClickTracks Is Now Free

Sort of.

As Andrew points out, the freebie Google Analytics should have killed many stats providers dead. But it didn’t.

ClickTracks are fighting back. For those unfamilar with ClickTracks, it is a visual statistics analysis tool aimed at marketers. It features overlayed data, so you can quickly see which parts of your site are working, and which parts aren’t. ClickTracks are now offering a free version. I find this tool especially great for testing usability and the marketing effectiveness of new design layouts.

The free version is called Appetizer. Give it a whirl.

  1. PraveenPraveen04-21-2006

    Cool 🙂

    Nice freebie 😀

  2. ChrisChris04-21-2006

    Freebie’s are always good. Does anyone have a line by line comparison of this and Analytics? I know it’s free and I could check it out, but it would still be nice to find a review that does this for me somewhere.

  3. ToddWToddW04-23-2006

    Thanks, going to check out the freebie 🙂

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