Google Favors Adsense Pages When Crawling?

Greg Boser spotted this last week, and it appears Matt Cutts has confirmed it today (as quoted by ShoeMoney):

“Matt Cutts confirmed the recent rumors about media bot results getting into Big Daddy. Matt said it is a bandwidth saving feature to have GoogleBot and MediaBot both contributing to big daddy”. 

For those who are not aware, Google use a different spider to crawl pages that display Adsense. This spider is called MediaBot. Up until recently, only Googlebot crawled pages for inclusion in the main Google index. Now it appears that either bot can do the indexing.

What isn’t clear is if MediaBot will always index a page. Why is this important? If MediaBot comes around on demand, as it pretty much always does if you change your adsense pages, then adding Adsense is a quick way of getting indexed. No waiting for Googlebot.

Having said that, Googlebot isn’t exactly slow, but it may be something to think about using if you’re having problems attracting Googlebot in the first place. For those considering this approach, you can sign up with Adsense here.

  1. ChrisChris04-19-2006

    I had suspected that, recently putting up a handful of sites and tracking the bot activity. I believe the visit from the mediabot is actually what’s required to receive relevant ads, at least from anything other than your meta.

    Good find that could prove useful when brought to beginner webdevelopers attention.

  2. sloganslogan04-20-2006

    Can totally believe it John.

    I tested the theory a while back by removing adsense and adding it back again and noticed a change also.

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