Welcome To The SearchBlogosphere

Am I the first one to coin that (admittedly naff) term? Update: Nope, it was Andrew Goodman. Erm…not saying that Andrew is naff, or anything.

Anyways…a lot of people hate blogs. A lot of people hate forums. A lot of people who used to hate blogs and like forums now publish their own blogs and don’t post in forums anymore.

I started a search blog a few years back because, quite frankly, no one else was doing it. I was getting tired of having to wade through all the newbie posts on forums in order to read the posts made by the people I could learn from. I hoped that all the people I liked to read would write their own blogs, so I could add ’em to my blog list, thus creating a decentralised, personalised forum. All killer, no filler.

That’s happening more and more now, which is great.

That’s not to say search forums are redundant – far from it. There’s many people who prefer the more inclusive format of forums, and they are a great place if you’re starting out.

I think the SearchBlogosphere is more targeted at the experienced search marketer. Basic knowledge is assumed. The writing is driven by news and new developments.

Less stuff about meta tags, anyway.

PS: US residents may notice my spelling is often “wrong”, and I use words you may not have heard of, like “naff”. That is because I use English, of the queen- sanctioned variety. Either that, or I haven’t used the spell-chek…spel chec…dictionary. Anyways, here’s a guide to English slang. If nothing else, it might help bring us all a little closer together, eh 🙂

  1. JulieJulie04-20-2006

    I prefer the queen-sanctioned variety of English. 😛

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